Gap year

SanTom is on the road again!

After almost 5 years of working for Leaning Tree School and Durack Institute of Technology we have decided to take a half a year leave without pay and hit the road.

We were fortunate that our employers agreed to our project; we are both able to go back to our current roles in mid October this year, hopefully with some new ideas and a few important questions answered.

Our journey will be divided in two main parts:

    1. One of Tom’s dreams has been to work on a million acres property in the North West of Australia. Just to put things into perspectives…a million acres is about 4000 square kilometers; or about 1/10 of our home country Switzerland – If things go as planned I will be working as a Stock man/Jackaroo (the Australian term for Cow Boy)!

    2. The second part of our time away we will spend in Europe, mainly Switzerland; catching up with friends and family.

Stay tuned for some great stories and pictures…




3 Replies to “Gap year”

  1. Liebe Sandra, lieber Tom… wir wuenschen Euch eine wunderschoene, bereichernde Reise ins Outback, in die alte Heimat und zu Euch selbst. Wir werden Euch vermissen und freuen uns wenn Ihr im Oktober wieder zurueck seit. Ganz sicher werden wir Euch in Gedanken begleiten und freuen uns auf Eure Berichte. Alles Liebe Eure HEike+Ralf+Leilani

  2. Noice stuff guys, good photos too. No doubt you “Bushman” have been made and tuned to the wild arid countryside of WA.

    We’ll be here when you get back. In the meantime you enjoy and widen that gaaap.

    The Oziguese.

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