Jillaroo Sandra… ?!?

We have arrived to Sylvania station two weeks ago and it is quite a change from my gentle and soft world at Leaning Tree School to the“outback”one. Luckily we will go to Switzerland before returning to the school environment as I have to climbs up a high mountain to air out my body and soul! It is rough and tough out here!… Every SECOND word is F… and C…… and I didn’t know that you can fit them that many times into ONE sentence.…I even belief the boys are holding back on them with me around…… Actually, they hardly looked at me or chatted with me for the first few days, only when I was initiating the conversation. First I thought that they might still have that gentlemanliness in them, although they can look quiet rough…… But by now they have gotten used to me and we laugh about funny’jokes which can be a bit sexist sometimes – or actually many times!

Then I had my first mustering!!! We went out for a day and Tom and I sat in a buggy and tried to keep a 1000 cattle on the road.…I tell you, I was so stressed out the whole time because I worried about all the little calves losing their mums and panting like a dog because they had to walk too far with their little legs! There was even one limping the whole way and I thought it wouldn’t make it. Poor thing, but it didn’’t give up. I was already thinking of loading it up into our buggy!

Junior Cowboy Lance
Junior Cowboy Lance

In the yard Tom got the job with the big injection needle and I was so glad, when Lance, the 7 year old boy from the station turned up so I could play with him. I am definitely made for children and not for cattle! When they told me about the dehorning and showed me the tiny little rubber rings they were using on the boys I asked if I could give a hand in the kitchen rather than doing cattle work.…Tom reckoned the day after it was a very rough and tough business with crying calves and blood everywhere…

Doc Tom
Doc Tom

The cook isn’t only running the station kitchen but also the boys! She has been there for one and a half years and the kitchen is her territory, her castle her everything. You have to follow her rules or you are in deep troubles! There are some signs which will remind you kindly – some with please and some with F’s too…I have some good chats with her and I think she is impressed with my Swiss cleaning standards. She is an awesome cook and very VERY organised! She knows all her boys (there are 20 of them!) and knows exactly who eats what and which vegetables and what their favourite is. However, yesterday she gave them all a lecture at dinner! Goodness me! I was counting my peas on my plate and didn’t dare to look up!!!!! “She told them how she was sick of cleaning up after them and how they still come in with their dirty work close on when she is not around and stuff like that. And this with a lot of F’s and that they are lazy P’s and so on…… After the boys left, she came over to Tom and me to apologies for this, but she just had to…


The best is to come! She asked me a few days ago to take over her kitchen while she and her husband are going on a 10 days break at the end of the month! I was quite shocked as well as surprised and I told her, that I can cook but I have never cooked for 20 (!!!!!) very hungry boys and two girls (one of them the governess and one myself!). Further more I am almost a vegetarian compared to what they eat here on meat and anyway a very salady vegi person.…She said I could cook whatever I wanted… Well, it will be an experience for all of us! It might be a bit of a detox for the boys though… Tom reckons, I might even need to have a similar speech to the boys one night as the cook had the other day, but I think, my teacher’s finger and look are enough (at the moment at least or hopefully for 10 days) 🙂

Wish me good luck and send me some meaty recipes!


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  1. liebe sandra, lieber tom,
    danke fuer euren lebhaften bericht…ich kann mir alles genau vorstellen, vor allem den mehr als rauhen umgangston. alle achtung sandra, dass du dort so gut deine frau stehst. das muss dir erstmal jemand nachmachen. Wuensche dir viel glueck beim kochen fuer die maenner, bin mir sicher sie werden dankbar sein !! hier ist alles entspannt, waren heute paddleboarden am st georges und kaffee am beach mit helko und berit….alles gute und passt gut auf euch auf, eure heike, ralf und leilani aus sunset

  2. Hab im verregneten Winterthur grad mit Freude Euren Bericht gelesen! Macht richtig Fernweh oder ist es eigentlich Heimweh..? Lasst von Euch hören, wenn Ihr in der Schweiz seid!
    Frohes Kochen und Viehtreiben, Anna

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