Looking for a home…

Dear friends,

HAPpY new Year!!!

Hope you are all well and ready for the adventures in 2014!!

We are both back on this side of the world again after having filled up our hearts with family love and Swiss mountain air… we have discovered that we have a family on both sides of the world and that you belong to it and make us feel at home! We were lucky to share and look after homes of friends in the last years… unfortunately every time they returned home we needed to move on – at times as far as Switzerland 🙂

We are now looking for a place to call home – a rental or a very, very, very long term house sitting is what we are looking for…actually Tom has been trying to convince me to buy our own little place – with ocean views for me and a big shed for him 😉

One of the things we love about Geraldton is the community feel – spread the word and things start falling into place – so please let us know if you hear of a sweet home for us…

sweet home

Looking forward to soon inviting you for a house warming party in our new home and celebrate life:-)

MuCH LoVe,

Sandra and Tom xxxxxxxxx