Change of address

I have moved to Coronation Beach and am enjoying the life of a beach bum…

… my address (unfortunately the post man does not get here, so only use it to visit me) is therefore;

Tom @ Coronation Beach, Site 21, Geraldton, Western Australia

A few changes to our plans…

It is almost scary how quickly half a year has passed… it has been an absolute blessing to be able to go away and reconsider some aspects of our life. Both of us have particularly enjoyed the time back in our old home country – Switzerland – it was great to rediscover our roots and realise that we are Swiss as well as Australians!

Thanks to the flexibility of Sandra’s school we have both weighted up our options and came up with the decision that Sandra is going to extend her stay in Switzerland until Christmas while Tom is returning back to Australia on the 26th of September as planned.

Since we currently don’t have a home in Geraldton and I (Tom) don’t feel like looking for one without Sandra’s valued inputs, I have decided that Sandra’s Swiss extension would be a great opportunity for me to fulfil my dream and enjoy the Surf spirit at Coronation Beach until Christmas.

I am therefor looking for a little Caravan to rent from mid-October until just before Christmas.  I very much appreciate for all of you to keep your eyes and ears open and to think of me if you hear of someone who is willing to rent out their caravan for these few months – thanks for letting me know!

Love from the turning leaves in Switzerland. We are looking forward to seeing you all back in OZ.