Gap year

SanTom is on the road again!

After almost 5 years of working for Leaning Tree School and Durack Institute of Technology we have decided to take a half a year leave without pay and hit the road.

We were fortunate that our employers agreed to our project; we are both able to go back to our current roles in mid October this year, hopefully with some new ideas and a few important questions answered.

Our journey will be divided in two main parts:

    1. One of Tom’s dreams has been to work on a million acres property in the North West of Australia. Just to put things into perspectives…a million acres is about 4000 square kilometers; or about 1/10 of our home country Switzerland – If things go as planned I will be working as a Stock man/Jackaroo (the Australian term for Cow Boy)!

    2. The second part of our time away we will spend in Europe, mainly Switzerland; catching up with friends and family.

Stay tuned for some great stories and pictures…